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For Reverend Green in film/TV/book, see Reverend Green/film.

Reverend Green, known as Mr. Green in North America, is an original character in Cluedo. He is originally patented as "the Rev Mr Green" in the original version, or as Reverend Green in the American original copy. Reverend Green is a hypocritical Anglican priest who wavers when the subject is murder. In North America he is Mr. Green, who has taken money-oriented roles from mobster to businessman. Parker Brothers insisted on the name change, believing that the American public would object to a parson as a murder suspect.


Reverend Green starts between Ballroom and Conservatory. He rolls fourth, preceded by Dr. Orchid or Mrs. White, followed by Mrs. Peacock. He is represented by a green chess.


The Playboy

Charming. Witty. Unforgiving? Decadent?

As a suave con man, Green has fronted as a prince, a pilot, a doctor and an attorney. After years on the scam, trouble has finally caught up with him and forced him into hiding - as a reverend. Thinking that Sir Hugh was the only man to know his true identity, he is immediately concerned when he receives an invitation from Black. Determined to keep his secrets safe, Green accepts...

In the Board Game[]

1949 UK: Reverend Green was first portrayed as a plump, middle-aged vicar with a withdrawn expression. He is wearing the traditional white collar of a vicar. Head mounted on a green pawn.

1949 US: Identical to UK, with the exception of now being called Mr. Green and now having been given a body

1963 US: Cartoon caricature of a snobbish, decadent playboy wearing a green housecoat and smoking a cigarette on a holder.

1972 US: Portrayed in photograph a sweaty looking crook, with a bald head, surrounded by black patches of hair. His expression is less than charming.

1986 US: Mr. Green is portrayed as a plump, pompous looking business man with grey hair. On the box, he is wearing a grayish suit with a green tie, but on his card, his suit is brown.

UK Super Challenge: Artistically updated version of the original Rev. Green; now given a body.

Master Detective: Mr. Thallo Green is clearly defined as a mobster in this edition. He is shown as a fat, balding family king-pin, smoking a cigar and brandishing his lucky pinkie ring. He is apparently a mathematical whiz and good with numerical figures.

1992 US: Mr. Green is given a more youthful appearance compared to previous incarnations. His hair, while receding is now returned to his head, and he now has a skinnier figure than usual. However, his personality seems to indicate cunningness and deceit in his expression. On the box, he is shown wiping clean a Wrench.

1996 US: Mr. Green is similar in appearance to his 1992 counterpart, except his hair has returned to a balding state and he is wearing a sharp, deep green pinstripe suit.

1996 UK: The psychotic Reverend Green is shown with a horrified expression on his face. Apparently, the church coffers were low on funds which inspired him to respond to his invitation to see Dr. Black.

2000 UK/Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder: Reverend Green is shown with a youthful appearance, albeit grey-haired. Super Cluedo claims he’s a defrocked priest, turned tycoon.

2002 US: Cards and suspect pawns still show a slight difference for the characters of Reverend Green (2003 UK) and Mr. Green (2002 US), although the starting space is for Rev. Green on the 2002 US board, which is explained by giving Mr. Green the past of a former ordained minister. They are both given cubist facelifts. John Green is shown as an evangelical minister with a heavy build who has a reputation from fraud, money laundering and smuggling.

Discover the Secrets: Rev./Mr. Green is given a complete reinvention as Jacob Green, a go-to guy with all the ins. This edition also marks only the second time in Cluedo's history, in which a primary character has also changed race (not including international adaptations), in this case from Caucasian to that of African descent (the first was Miss Scarlet from Caucasian to Asian in 1972 editions).

The Classic Mystery Game: "Green" is now an alias for the young and hip Tyler Marshall, continuing the ethnicity established for him in Discover the Secrets. He is described as charming, with an astonishing ability to make money, friends, and terrible mistakes.

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