Mme Beaumont
Jane Meadowbrook
Cluedo character
First appearance Clue FX (2003)
Last appearance Clue Mysteries (2005)
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 51
Date of birth January 2
Occupation Caretaker
Title Nurse
Spouse(s) Mr. Meadowbrook
Religion Jewish
Nationality Jamaican

Mrs. Jane Meadowbrook is the wife of the deceased Mr. Meadow-Brook whose murder investigation was headed by Miss Peach with the aid of Lady Lavender, Prince Azure, and Lord Grey. She is situated on a turquoise base, correlating with her Namesake (Meadow/Green, Brook(e)/Blue). She is the local gossip according to Clue canon, and she and Mr. Meadow-Brook were strongly implied to have severe marital problems.