Alphonse Brunette
Cluedo character
First appearance Clue VCR (1985)
Last appearance Super Cluedo (2006)
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 31
Date of birth August 17
Specialty Conning
Occupation Lawyer
Title Monsieur
Religion Athiest
Nationality French
Monsieur Brunette is the stock portrayal of a foreign con artist.


In most of his incarnations, he is a deceitful Frenchman out to con others for his own personal gain.

Brunette was played by Michael Dell'Orto. Making his first appearance in the Clue world, M. Brunette arrives announcing himself as Mr. Boddy’s lawyer. He takes it upon himself to brief the others of Boddy’s wishes during the will reading. However, he is secretly a conman who hopes to cheat the others out of their earnings along with his foster daughter, Miss Peach. Not surprisingly, he also isn’t really French. He always wears an eye patch that he allegedly needs. And M. Brunette goes to Paris, France.

Master Detective 

Appearing once again, this time M. Brunette portrays a fraudulent art and arms dealer. His works for which he had sold have come under fire due to questionable authenticity. His inept abilities at being genuine are clearly illustrated by his failure to notice the difference between Monet and Manet.

Super Cluedo/Passport to Murder

Once again, Brunette makes his first appearance in Britain. Although the character is the same as his Master Detective counterpart, his name had been changed and he was now called Mr. Brown in Passport to Murder and even stranger, called Mr. De’Ath in Super Cluedo. Nonetheless, the character is no longer visually a French stereotype.

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