Olivia Rose
Cluedo character
First appearance Clue VCR (1985)
Last appearance Super Cluedo (2006)
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 30-40
Date of birth June 2
Occupation Fortune Teller
Title Madame
Family Hugh Black
Religion Christian
Nationality Hungarian
Madame Rose represents the stock character of a fortune teller. The question is whether she predicted the murder, or caused it? She is represented by a pink-coloured token.

Clue the VCR Game: Rose was played by Mara Clark. For her first appearance in the world of Clue, Rose is presented as Mr. Boddy’s psychic sister. She is the one who invites his old friends back to the mansion so that she could hold a séance and connect with the spirit of her deceased brother. Like her brother Mr. Boddy and nephew Sgt. Grey, Madame Rose shares the main Boddy family trait…insanity.

Master Detective: Recurring in Master Detective as Madame Olivia Rose, this time she is Mr. Boddy’s ex-secretary from East Grinstead, though of Hungarian heritage. Her name was originally Rhoda Rosengarten before moving back to Hungary to set up her paranormal business. She took the first Budapest tramp steamer to see her old employer after a vision of a dark cloud over him. She is portrayed as an overweight and heavily jeweled middle-aged woman looking startled while holding up a candlestick .

Super Cluedo: Madame Rose returns once more in Britain’s Super Cluedo, however her name had been inexplicably changed to Mme Mystique and her colour went from pink to orange. Other than that, she is the same character as Rose, though she is portrayed slightly younger and thinner than before.