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Hall is a room in Tudor Mansion and Classic Mansion. It is located at the bottom-middle between Study and Lounge. There are three entrances but no secret passage to other rooms.


You need the following dice number to transfer between Hall and a room.

Room Number Remark
Library 5
Lounge 5
Study 5
Dining Room 6
Ballroom 11
Billiard Room 11
Kitchen 11
Conservatory 13 Inaccessible. You can go to Lounge first then use its secret passage.

Other Information[]

  • This is one of the largest rooms, with Ballroom another.
  • Going to this room is not recommended because you need at least a "5" to transfer to a room, otherwise you stay at corridor and cannot make any suggestions.
  • In Cluedo Mobile, the camera leads you enter the mansion from this room to accusation stairs.
  • This is the only room with three entrances. The middle one is useless except someone block you using the other two entrances.