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Dr. Orchid is a new suspect in Cluedo Board Game and Cluedo Mobile. She is introduced in Cluedo 2016, replacing Mrs. White.


The Genius

Mysterious. Adventurous. Ambitious? Delinquent?

Adopted as a teenager by Dr. Black, Orchid was privately schooled in Switzerland until her expulsion following a near-fatal daffodil poisoning incident. She was then homeschooled by old housekeeper, Mrs White. Orchid decided biology was her future and, while researching her PhD in plant toxicology, unearthed a plant of incredible medicinal properties; a discovery she wanted to share with no one - especially her adoptive father...


Orchid wears a black shirt with the flower orchid logo. She wears a pink dress and has short hair. She wears pink gloves, probably to eliminate fingerprint when doing biological experiments or killing Dr. Black in the murder.


Dr. Orchid starts between Kitchen and Ballroom. She rolls third, preceded by Colonel Mustard and followed by Reverend Green.

You can only play Orchid in Cluedo 2016 or Cluedo Mobile. Board game versions before 2016 and mobile version can still play Mrs. White. You must use mobile version to play both Orchid and White.


The first Asian suspect was Miss Scarlet in 1972 until 1996. Then Lady Lavender was introduced in Clue FX in 2003. She is an additional suspect along with 6 original suspect. In Cluedo 2016, Lavender is changed to Orchid and introduced in the classic edition of Cluedo.

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