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Cluedo Board Game, also known as Clue in North America, is a popular murder/mystery-themed deduction board game


Cluedo is originally devised by Anthony E. Pratt in 1942. He or his friends submitted the idea of Cluedo to John Waddington Limited (UK) and Parker Brothers (US) so the first edition is published in 1949. Since 1991, Cluedo is published by the United States game and toy company Hasbro, which acquired its U.S. publisher Parker Brothers as well as Waddingtons.


The game's perpetual victim, who's named Dr. Black in the UK and Mr. Boddy in North American versions is found dead in his Tudor Mansion, and in guise of one of the six suspects there who are invited by Dr. Black. To win the game, you need to make an correct accusation including a suspect, a weapon and a room, as an evidence of the murder.


Separate cards into suspect, weapon and room category. Face them down. Randomly take 1 card from each category and put the 3 cards into murder envelop or somewhere hidden. Other murder-unrelated cards (normally 18) are shuffled and distributed to all players.

Put all items (chess and weapons) on the board. Give all players a notepad and a pen.

Making Suggestions[]

You can only make suggestions when it's your turn AND you are in a room.

You will be able to record cards which are owned by other players on notepad through making suggestions. Those cards help you make deductions on this murder case.

You must ask 1 suspect, 1 weapon and your current room when make your suggestion. Move the suspect and weapon into your current room. You can suggest yourself as suspect and can suggest any cards you have, to deduct range.

For example, you are in Kitchen and you suggest Green with Candlestick in Kitchen. Other players must show one of their cards mentioned in this suggestion. Wait until someone can show you a card. If you figure out nobody, including you, have a card, it must be in the envelop. Keep suggesting to find out the other two cards there, then you will win.


Rules vary among versions, but here are some general rules.

  • All players start at the center of the board unless there is a specific starting point for different players.
  • You can't move diagonally in the mansion.
  • You can only make a suggestion in a room but not in the corridor. It can only include 1 suspect, 1 weapon and your current room.
  • Other players show you cards according to their turns. If you are playing a clockwise turn, your left-hand side player have the first priority to show you a card unless they don't have any, then the show-card turn continues until someone shows you a card.
  • You can't move to other rooms/corridor before AND after using secret passages.
  • You can't stay in your current room to make suggestions unless you are moved by other players. You must move to corridor/another room, otherwise other players may get some clue on your room, then you lose.