The UK Television Series Cluedo aired in the UK and ran for 4 seasons and 1 Christmas special.

Show PlotEdit

The show would begin with a short film, describing the event before the guest's murder. The celebrity detectives were then allowed to ask the suspect's questions regarding the case. Then, the celebrity teams would take it in turns to make a 'deduction', in which they would accuse a person, weapon and room. The host would then reveal how many of those three were right, (e.g. If the solution was Mrs. Peacock with the Poison in the Dining Room, and a celebrity team would accuse Colonel Mustard with the Sword in the Dining Room, then they would accumulate 1 out of 3, the Dining Room being secretly correct, unaware to the teams). Play would continue until one of the teams accused correctly. The killer would then reveal full detail of their crime and the show would finish.

The show's six suspects were the original from the board game. The show's six weapons varied between episodes. The show's six rooms were: the Drawing Room, the Kitchen, the Dining Room, the Billiard Room, the Library and the Study.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Peacock: Stephanie Beacham
  • Mustard: Robin Ellis
  • Green: Robin Nedwell
  • Plum: Kristoffer Tabori
  • Scarlett: Tracy - Louise Ward
  • White: June Whitfield